Six Things Any White Label SEO Reseller Agency Worth Their Salt Should Be Able to Deliver

By now, you’ve probably heard about how search engine optimization is one of the best online strategies for advertising. If not, consider this: around 93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine. This figure can spell trouble, especially for small businesses, if the company website doesn’t appear on the first page of those search results. A business without an optimized website will get about as much exposure as if they were advertising by word of mouth only.

As a result, many small businesses will turn to their local web design agencies for help. However, these firms don’t always have the know-how necessary for such a campaign. This is where SEO resellers come in. What’s known as a white label or private label reseller program will provide SEO services for end-clients under the name of agency they hired.

To really get the most out of any white label program, an SEO should provide agencies with a number of high quality features. These six aspects of a white label SEO campaign should be at the top of your list when your shop around for a reseller.

1. Great Technology

In order to monitor a campaign’s progress, white label SEO agencies should allow businesses access to a wide variety of reporting tools. This information is crucial because it gives clients the chance to see their search engine rankings, their website statistics, and other details about their campaigns.

However, it’s not only the reporting tools that should be top notch. White label SEO reseller companies also need to have the capability to handle several online services for their clients. From controlling how business information appears in public listings to designing mobile-friendly webpages, a white label SEO team should have the knowledge to give agencies and end-clients everything necessary for a successful marketing campaign.

2. Onsite Customer Service

As with anything involving technical resources, there may be a few bumps in the road as you begin learning about SEO. A great ┬áSEO company should have a dedicated customer service team ready to handle the biggest and smallest questions. How can onsite support be evaluated fairly? Simple: if they’re not even helpful getting your account set up, they probably aren’t the right fit for your agency.

3. Press Outreach

If you’ve been keeping up with current SEO ideas and strategies, you know that traditional SEO is changing. Today, SEO is so closely blended with PR that it’s sometimes impossible to tell them apart. If your SEO company is only focused on article marketing or a brief cleanup of website content, they’re probably not the best choice. What matters most today is getting high-quality link placements on sites that people will actually read, whether they’re for press releases or industry-related news features.

4. Real Branding

In essence, great branding when it comes to white label SEO is two-fold. The first thing branding services should focus on is creating a strong web presence for end-clients. Stylish and functional website design, great link placement, and expert attention to social media accounts are all necessities to help small business clients expand their reach. A white label reseller that can’t promise a consistent brand for a client across the web isn’t one you’ll want to work with.

The other aspect of branding has to do with your agency. When end-clients utilize a reporting screen, it should have the name of your agency on it, not the original SEO provider. A white label service should be able to add your business’s logo to reporting tools, proposals, and other key documentation necessary in a great SEO campaign.

5. Expert Results

One of the pinnacles of great SEO strategy is that it must contain real, measurable results. In other words, if you can’t see it working, you may need to switch gears and try another solution. However, attaining great results isn’t only measured through numbers. Take a look at the content and finished products delivered by a private label reseller. Is the content original and engaging? Are the websites expertly designed? Does the reseller offer a blend of PR and marketing? When evaluating an SEO reseller, take a look at the big picture in addition to the numbers.

6. Adherence to Google Guidelines

Face it: black hat SEO tactics just won’t cut it anymore. The days of link directories, redirects, and keyword stuffing have passed, thanks mainly to Google’s crackdown on these shady practices. Google’s Penguin and Panda algorithms look at your site’s quality, your link placement, and other benchmarks of a well-optimized site. An agency without a thorough understanding of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines isn’t one you want on your side.

What else do you look for in a white label SEO program?

Top three reasons to resell SEO outsourcing services

Outsourced seo

There are a great many companies that would love to pursue an SEO outsourcing strategy. Companies that want to outsource SEO (search engine optimization) will want to make sure that they find the best search marketing firm to work with. More often than now, a lot of those seeking an SEO outsourcing strategy end up buying what they need from someone that is reselling those services through an Seo reseller program.

People that want to resell SEO online should make sure that they find the right SEO outsourcing plan to work through. Going with the wrong plan could be a recipe for mediocrity, or even failure. The ideal SEO outsourcing program should include more than one type of service. SEO resellers that can provide articles and blogs geared for higher search results will definitely have an audience, but not as large as those that can also resell PPC, social media, email and web hosting services. The more a reseller can provide, the more needs they will be able to meet.

An SEO outsourcing reseller should also pair up with a firm that is run by people who know what it takes to be successful. A firm started by people fresh out of college with zero office experience may never be able to come up with the vision or direction of one that is being run by people with Fortune 500 experience.

Finally, the ideal SEO outsourcing program will come with articles and onsite blogging posts that are written by people who grew up speaking English as their first language. While other companies prefer to outsource their writing, a search marketing firm that employs a writing staff based in the United States will always provide higher quality articles that flow better. When seeking out an SEO outsourcing firm to work with, new resellers should always make sure that they find a company that hires a domestic writing staff. Their clients will thank them for it!

Gettting Quality SEO

Seo outsourcing

If you are going to invest in a company that is going to resell SEO for you, then you need to put together a list of standards and needs that you need met in order to qualify an SEO reseller before you are to sign a contract with him or her. The outsourced SEO reseller that you employ must be able to make your investment worthwhile, and must be able to drive quality leads to your business. Otherwise, it does not make sense for you fiscally and from a business standpoint to hire an SEO reseller or to outsource seo in the first place.

When considering SEO outsourcing, you need to be very clear and upfront with the sales representative about what it is that you are getting from them service wise exactly. The SEO reseller plan should be written out and clearly explained to you before you sign up for anything. That is one of the main tenants of distinguishing a good SEO reseller over one that is not as high quality or stable as you would want to believe he or she is.

With the growth of search engines and the race to get to the top of the rankings in many searches, there are surely going to the SEO resellers that will look to make money and give very little in return to their customers that are giving away their hard earned money to the SEO reseller in the first place. Therefore it is important that the business owner themselves also become as educated as possible about what an SEO reseller does and what role search engine optimization can play in their businesses overall marketing needs and bottom line. If every SEO reseller knew that their customers were as on top of their game as they are, then there would be less scams and less attempts by an SEO reseller to take advantage of someone who is not in their line of work and of whom they could profit off of.