How Do Hair Transplants Work? – Quotes On Education

ir transplants and grow hair on their heads in places that their bodies do not want to have the hair. How does a hair transplant really work?

A hair transplant is the process of micro-needling hair, removing it from specific areas on your scalp. It is much more common among males. Men will grab the scalp hair strip and slowly pull hairs out individually of this strip. After that then they place the single hairs to the area where the bald spot has grown. They repeat this process in a series of steps with the intention of spreading the choice of the location they’ll take their hair follicle to ensure they’re not creating another dark spot.

To make sure the graft is kept, the follicle is removed from the hair loss area before the new hair graft can be placed. It isn’t taken away from the scalp, and it doesn’t grow new thin hair strands of hair that are pushed out by the newly placed the graft.

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