What Are the Side Effects of Methadone? – Caregiver and Assisted Living News

Methadone is a controlled drug. As with any drug it comes with some negative consequences. It is best to know about these before your physician recommends them. Barbara Wisemer, M.D. gives this info. In this video, the viewer is briefed about the most frequently occurring negative side effects that are associated with methadone. She also adds information about how long these adverse effects may endure.

For example, she states that after a couple of hours following a dose of methadone it is possible to become exhausted. The other reasons can cause nausea than methadone. It usually passes quickly. Itching is another common reaction to taking methadone. Even though it can be irritating however, it is uncommon.

Constipation is one of the side effects that lasts. Constipation is the main negative side effect from this drug and it will last for a long time.

Although the video is brief but it addresses all the patient questions about typical side effects from methadone.


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