Who Is Responsible if My Kid Is Injured at Summer Camp? – Personal Injury Litigation

What happens when your kids have injuries at camp? Who’s responsible, and what can you do? The answers to these questions are available by watching the video.

Many summer camps require participants sign a waiver of liability before your child can be a part of the camp. The waiver is usually specifically focused on the activities that carry high-risk such as archery and horseback riding. The camp might be held accountable if your child gets injured in connection with risky activities, or if it fails to offer safe equipment. If your child is ill as a result of an outsider working for the camp, the camp may likewise be accountable. Camps can also be held responsible if counselors had been texting or speaking via their cellphones, instead of supervising the child.

It is possible to help your child to be secure at camp by reading about the camps. You should also let the camp know about any illnesses or allergies that might affect your child’s participation in camp activities. Now you know who will the responsibility for your child’s injuries at summer camp.


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